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About Aligners

Getting rid of crooked teeth has never been easier! The new-age Clove Aligners are invisible, removable, flexible & affordable! They are designed using the latest European innovations for the correction of irregular teeth.

Clove Aligners are custom-made by orthodontists, exclusively tailored to your teeth, and designed to enable desired dental movement and shifts. They are technology-driven, clear aligners made to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

In order to achieve this, the dental impression of the patient is digitally captured and processed using specialized software. Using this impression, a state-of-the-art 3D printer and thermoforming machine are employed to custom print and fabricate the trays as per the treatment design, ensuring the perfect fit and feel.

Why Choose aligners?


Aligners are transparent. So wear them for anytime anywhere.


Aligners are customized for you - exclusively for you.


Easy to maintain oral hygiene



Results can be visualised with the virtual smile plan

braces vs. aligners


we have a panel of orthodontists who will be monitoring the entire treatment virtually or physically at the clinic itself. The expert orthodontist assigned to you will be closest to your home / preferred location.

Yes. The movement in both jaws is required to maintain alignment and balance in occlusion in the upper and lower teeth. After the initial assessment, we will suggest what works best for you.

Aligners are the most comfortable of all orthodontic treatments and are hassle-free. Mild discomfort may be experienced when the tooth starts to move, but it only lasts for two days.

Your orthodontist will monitor thethe treatment progress and suggest changing the aligners based on the teeth movement.

The aligners have to be worn for 21-22 hours daily.

You can clean them with toothpaste or soap-water solution. Ensure that you do not use a brush with hard bristles and avoid harsh chemicals, abrasives or hot water to clean.

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